Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kate Winslet nude in Iris

The real-life Iris apparently loved to swim in the nude, and our dear Kate is not shy about showing off her Great Britains. After a nude dip in the murky lake, Kate emerges to show off her ferociously sexy flotation devices and enticingly titanic tuchus. There's even that most rare of events, a reverse furburgerage when Kate bends over. Score! See some great clippings and movie clip of Iris.

Video Clips:

Clip 1: Mostly obscured by the dark of the water, this shot offers up a sampling of Winslet's watermelons and buns as she swims in the buff during the opening credits.

Clip 2: Winslet shows us her winning tits as she swims towards us all naked-like. Why is the water so damn murky, though? Argh!

Clip 3: A totally naked Kate goes skinny-dipping, then serves up a plentiful serving of coconuts & bearded clam as she gets out to dry off... in front of a troop of boy scouts.

Clip 4: She and her geezer guy drop trou to dip skinny in a lake. Nice quick bun-shot from Kate the Great, and we get to see some additional ass and apples underwater, murky water be damned!

Clip 5: If you've ever had a roommate, you've had a moment like this. A decent long-shot look at Kate's casabas as she rides some guy in bed, with Jim Broadbent looking through a crack in the door.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Mimi_Rogers in Door In The Floor

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Catherine Deneuve in Polax

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